Points to consider while you are planning your down payment for home


Down payment is an important part when you are buying a new home. Off-course home loans helps to lower the burden and make it smooth to get your dream home at your desired time. Best home loans you can get from a money lender like GRFPL Home Loans, but the down payment has to be done from your side and it’s a good huge amount. Therefore, you need to have either good savings or funds to pay your down payment. So here are the things you should keep in mind when you are planning for down payment.

Down payment amount

Home loan down payment, for the most part, represents 20% of the aggregate estimation of the property. For example, if the house you need to purchase is esteemed at Rs. 80,00,000 and the down payment amount is 20%, at that point the down payment amount you should pay is Rs. 16,00,000.

Down Payment Limit

There is no maximum limit on the down payment. You can pay as much sum as a down payment as you can manage. Keep in mind, more the down payment amount, little the home loan amount that you need to apply for. The interest pay-outs would likewise be little for this situation. Try to go for the maximum down payment that you can manage the cost of without using up every last money.

Effect of property age

In case you’re purchasing a house that is over 15 years of age, the age of the house will come as a confinement when looking for home loans from the banks. This is on account of banks are normally suspicious about giving loans to old houses; thus the home loan down payment amount goes up. In such cases, banks are subject to sanction home loan amount not surpassing half of the aggregate market cost of the house at the season of valuation.

Registration and other costs are not covered

Try not to be under the impression that the down payment amount incorporates property taxes and registration charges. These expenses are however,  the down payment amount that you are required to pay out of your pocket.

With GRFPL Home Loans, there will be no difficulties that you have to face of down payment or anything.


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